Why Franchise

Focus on you. Owning a franchise means you can own more of your time. WE provide you with every tool you need to grow your business. YOU own the franchise with a ton of freedom to decide what it will be. Whether you want to be a solo producer with the latest tools and Technology focusing on you or your team's growth or a thriving brokerage with lots of new recruits, all are welcome with us.

Stacia LaMulle speaks about how she balances her work and personal time.

We provide you and every agent you recruit with personalized marketing materials in multiple formats and languages completely free of charge on a continual basis.

We assist in training every agent that you recruit so you can spend more time working your business as opposed to working for it or simply just get a little more “you” time. We don’t just provide you with a system, we help you execute it.
As a 1 Percent Lists franchise owner you have a system and a team ready to help you grow faster, with more freedom, and enjoy more “you” time.

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Let us work for you

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of opening a franchise rather than building something from scratch for themselves. An important thing to understand is that when you open a franchise you don't work for us, we work for you. We have tried, succeeded, and at times failed with numerous different marketing strategies and ideas. By becoming a franchise owner you are hiring us to work for you to keep you away from the pitfalls and provide a brand that is ready for you to grow and scale.

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You are not just buying our success, you are buying our failures.

“Experience comes from failure and success comes from experience.”
― Debasish Mridha

You get years of wisdom and experience from our team that has built this company from the ground up.

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Be untraditional

It is time to do something totally different. Agents across the country are struggling to find deals. They are struggling because they have the same value proposition as countless other agents in their markets and they have no way to set themselves apart. The public is begging for a reasonably priced High quality real estate solution. Every other industry does countless research to find what their clients want. In real estate it's obvious what they want. The question is who is going to offer it louder and better than the competition.

If you are not currently doing a business model like ours consider this. Right now you are likely competing against thousands of agents in your market doing essentially the same thing, the same way, and the public perceives you as charging the same price.

So how do you get ahead? The simple choice is to work harder or spend more money.

With a superior value proposition you are now in the “convincing the world you exist” business. You are selling a high quality, full service product that the public desperately wants to buy. The perk of doing business this way is it leads to dramatic increases in listings which leads to a real profit driver which is immediate, aggressive buyers.

If you are already doing a similar business model then you will understand that when you have a great value proposition then its much easier to acquire customers. You simply need to convince them you exist to win.

Opening a 1 percent Lists office with our suite of tools, tech, and training will make shouting your value proposition to the world incredibly easier.

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A crystal clear message

With a public that is starving for a better value proposition we wear that value proposition on our sleeve. every piece of marketing produced at 1 percent lists screams our value proposition which is the key to generating more listings. more listings means a bigger pipeline for our agents and more profit for our franchise owners. listings are the answer to every problem in real estate and our message generates leads like no other.

So many companies fail at this very simple task of clearly displaying their value proposition. Consider this, any other industry from cars offering “employee car pricing” to cell phone carriers offering free phones with a new account, other industries will run ads to entice the public to come shopping while they are having a sale.

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The real estate brokerage industry never seems to have “a sale” on anything. But for those of us who do so, many will trip before they even leave the starting gate by making the company about themselves instead of what they do.

The more clear and loud you can be about a superior value proposition the better off you will be. That is why we have an in house graphic design team and are partnered with a high quality digital marketing company to help spread the word nationwide.

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Scaling where others are failing

There are thousands of other companies across the country trying to find a way to implement the business model of a full service real estate brokerage with a more aggressive fee to the consumer. almost none of them have scaled to become an office that agents want to work for. In fact, the majority of these offices are individual brokers working by themselves. We are the largest company of our kind in the country recruiting agents on a daily basis without offering agent salaries. Agents will want to work for a company like ours because they will make more money doing so than being a typical agent charging a higher fee.

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The goal for many of our franchisees is to build a business that works for them. They are tired of feeling like an employee to their brand. They are ready to own something that has value and produces income even if they stop producing.

Doing this is harder than it sounds because there are countless new brokerages opening offering an agent ever lower splits and caps with tons of technology. These brokerages are in a dogfight to compete talent and the only thing they can compete on is agent fees and tools.

At 1 Percent Lists we have a track record of strong agent growth. We have had brand new agents do over 60 deals in a year. We have taken existing agents and multiplied their business exponentially in the first year.
Being able to show agents this level of growth is what will make them join and never give a thought to leaving.

A brand that agents want to work for

We have seen it time and time again. Agents join a small brokerage somewhere in the country with a business model similar to ours and quickly find that their business has grown but sees no value and leaves to create their own version of a full service lower fee brokerage. This continually happens because these small brokerages never become large enough to offer tools, Technology, and training to their agents. The owners are still actively producing and do not have time to cultivate agents and make sure they grow. Our team at 1 percent lists has the tools, technology and training to turn your agents into top producers.

Focus on growth

You can now Focus solely on growth. Every franchisee who joins us is provided with a website, accounting system, training, CRM, graphic design team, and countless more solutions to problems you might not have even realized that you had. Every form of marketing imaginable is available using our video and print marketing materials as well as our digital marketing expertise. you have every tool imaginable available to you immediately to help you scale your business.