Franchise Process

How long will it take to become a 1Percnet Lists franchise owner?

7 days with an FDD + 7 days with a franchise agreement = day 14 can be a franchise owner

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7 days to review the FDD

The franchise process begins when we send you a franchise Disclosure document also known as an FDD.  signing the back of that document Begins the legally required 7 day discovery period  for you to learn more about us and see what is involved with owning one of our franchises.

7 days to review the franchise agreement 

After your 7 Days reviewing the franchise Disclosure document if you wish to receive a franchise agreement to review then we collect a small amount of information from you and promptly  send you one.  inside the franchise agreement is additional terms and conditions for any special items needed in your contract that we have agreed to. There is a legally required 7-Day waiting period before you can sign it. Upon the signing of a franchise agreement you are officially a franchise owner.

On day 14 you are a franchise owner!

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3 steps to a franchise

Summary of Franchise Steps

Day 1: Sign an FDD

Complete checklist

Day 7: Receive franchise agreement

Day 14: Sign franchise agreement

Attend virtual meet and greet  with corporate department heads and start receiving onboarding information.

Creation of website, marketing materials, accounting, and bookkeeping begins to have your franchise ready for growth.

Attend virtual or in person training classes with our CEO and corporate team to get started on the right foot.

Your office launches with full suite of marketing materials ready to begin disrupting your market.