Tools, Tech, & Training

These three T’s are vital to your success:

  • Tools
  • Tech
  • Training
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Importance of tools tech and training


Every agent has access to all of our top producers through our social media channels and can book a training session with our corporate team or sales trainers to request help with any topic. Your agent has direct access to book and calendar appointments with our corporate team and top producers. Every agent has access to ongoing discussions in our agent only social media pages to talk about what's working for them and learn from our top producers. 

Getting your new agents started on the right food and producing is the key to your growth and ours. If agents join you and find themselves lost that will cost you future recruits which hurts everyone. Our simple agent onboarding process gets agents engrossed in our community of agents and taking the right steps towards future growth.


You name it, we can do it.  from running traditional SEO campaigns to local marketing to running Advanced pay-per-click marketing and retargeting customers through Facebook and social media pixels,  we can do it all.  Our franchise owners and agents have access to a host of  digital marketing Solutions at very cost-effective prices. You do not need to seek out your own digital marketing solution and worry about their high cost or effectiveness. We have a high quality, cost effective digital marketing solution ready and waiting for you.


Our Intranet known as “tacklebox” is a reliable resource for marketing materials for everyone at 1 Percent Lists. Everytime you interact with a property including listing, selling, or putting a home under custom made, personalized social media content is available to you keeping you top of mind with the public. Everytime an agent gets a 5 star review or has a great production month there is custom social media content available for you. We excel at keeping our value proposition and brand top of mind with your sphere. There are countless marketing and sales generating Solutions available to our franchise owners and our agents all hosted on our very own Intranet filled with pre-made marketing materials  such as postcards Billboards fliers, and long and short format video content personally crafted for each agent. All of our high quality content is professionally created by our graphic design team many featuring voice actors with content that can be sent

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A company built by technology and digital marketing

Our company began doing traditional SEO in early 2016 and has refined its process into proven strategies available to all of our franchise owners.  Through the years we have done everything from internet based seller lead generation such as home value leads  to mass targeting of expired and for sale by owners. We keep a close eye on growing trends in the real estate digital marketing sphere so we know what works, when, and why. 

Our proven digital marketing strategies can be used to generate buyer leads if you like working with buyers. You do need to pay a big website for their buyer leads, with us you have every tool you need to generate your own. Studies have shown that almost 70% of buyers need to sell in order to buy so a steady stream of buyer lead generation also leads to the healthy growth of new listings who will buy when their home is put under contract.