Discount Real Estate Broker Expands into Franchising

1 Percent Lists, a discount real estate broker out of Louisiana, has expanded its real estate services to include selling franchises across the United States.  The new franchise company will be named 1 Percent Lists Franchise LLC.

Real estate franchises make up the vast majority of what the general public associate with real estate companies such as Remax and Coldwell Banker. The difference with the 1 Percent Lists’ business model is that the home seller sees intrinsic value by receiving the same level of customer service and an elevated level of digital marketing of their properties, all the while saving their clients thousands of dollars on every transaction.

Unique Franchise Model

1 Percent Lists was born out of leveraging technology to lower the costs of real estate commissions, while providing the exact same real estate services as traditional real estate brokers.   With technology bringing down the costs of everything from televisions to legal assistance, the real estate industry has been slow to break their hold on higher commissions.

Proven Track Record

1 Percent Lists has doubled, or better, in sales growth every year since its inception and has expanded throughout Louisiana as One Percent Lists LLC.  With the real estate business model proven, Grant Clayton, Co-Founder of One Percent Lists, has decided to expand his unique real estate value proposition nation-wide by offering franchise licenses across the country.  

Traditional Real Estate Services with a Lower Commission  

1 Percent Lists Franchise LLC is to provide aggressive real estate agents and brokers across the country with access to the 1 Percent Lists’ proven system of selling homes by only taking 1% of the commission on the listing side of the real estate transaction. This is accomplished by avoiding all antiquated marketing strategies that have dominated the real estate industry such as large, brick and mortar offices, open houses, and print advertising. 

Digital Marketing Services

Leveraging social media Google Ads and search engine optimization to market properties, 1 Percent Lists Franchise LLC can utilize their proven digital marketing processes to get homes sold fast and for the highest, fair market price possible.  Their internal research shows that the vast majority of buyers looking to purchase real estate are regular users of social media platforms and can be targeted using the vast amount of data points aggregated by large social media organizations.  

One Percent Lists will be offering their proven digital marketing strategies to all of their new franchise owners.  This allows even smaller real estate brokers to have access to enterprise-level digital marketing at their local level, thus allowing the broker/owner to focus on building their brand message, “Full Service Discount Real Estate Brokers.” 

One Percent Lists has seen staggering growth, doubling in sales three years in a row, from 2017 through 2019. With hundreds of homes sold, each sale offers a standard commission to the Buyers Agent and only 1 percent to the listing broker.

The success of the full-service discount real estate model has simplified agent acquisition as well as new franchise sales since they provide true value to the home seller by saving them thousands of dollars in real estate commissions any time they buy or sell real estate.  

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